Dr. Animesh Acharjee

Senior Scientist, University of Birmingham, UK
Visiting Scientist, University of Cambridge, UK
Visitng Prof., NIT-Calicut, India

Dr. Acharjee did his under graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from North Eastern Regional Institute of Technology (NERIST), Itanagar, India and earned his PhD from Wageningen University, The Netherlands on applied machine learning and data analysis. After his PhD he moved to Lyon, France for his post-doctoral study with Synergie Lyon Cancer Centre as a Biostatistician where he extensively worked on big data analytics, cloud computing. After his post-doctoral study he was offered a scientist position with BASF Cropdesign, Belgium. He was involved in the different projects related to “Data science” including big data projects from collaborative Monsanto – BASF projects. Before joining University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital he was working with University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK focusing on metabolic driven diseases like Obesity, T2-diabetis using high throughput metabolomics, lipidomics technologies. His research interests includes high dimensional data analysis, predictive biomarker discovery, control theory, and network biology. Throughout his career, he was offered many fellow ships from British Council, Dutch Government and Newton fellowships. He has published many papers in the international journals and actively collaborate with University of Oxford, Harvard University and University of Cambridge.